The idea with this product is to be able to use the Crossboarder in several ways. For instance to balance on it, sit on it, transport things on it, skate/surf with it. You can skate with your feet in many different positions, like using the hoverboard position for example. With Crossboarder the limits are less and it is up to you and your imagination what to do with Crossboarder.

Crossboarder is for everyone, from the wide range of pro skaters to the non-skaters like me.

“Crossboarding” is really a lot of fun and could be used as a training tool. We see this turning into a useful tool for kids and youth as well as for their parents!

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Design, Dimensions & Material:

The shape is symmetric and will measure around 25 inches from side to side. The planned base material is polypropylene which makes it lightweight, durable & flexible.

The placement of the wheels, along with the approx. 30 degree angle between the board and wheels mounting, make the board carve smoothly with an “automatic” forward motion when applying body movement. The surf feeling instantly is there and it is easy too. The 4 caster wheels along with the their placement results in both stability and speed.

However, as the final product is going to be in polypropylene we expect to get the board quite flexible giving an even better compliance. This means neither the dimensions of the prototype, or CAD model, are shown with definite relative measures or shapes.

Contact us:

If you are interested and have a will/feeling you can help/contribute to this project coming true I´m looking forward to hear from you! I´m eager to hear about your ideas, everything from product design to launching and distribution tips. Let´s do this together, sure it´s gonna be a lot of work but really fun to!


David Berg


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